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2020 Deidesheimer Langenmorgen Grosses Gewaechs (GG) Weisser Burgunder

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Langenmorgen Weissburgunder GG (Grosses Gewaechs = Gran Cru) (Pinot Blanc)

Located above the town of Deidesheim, the Langenmorgen stretches in a north-south direction parallel to the BlackForest (Schwarzwald, Germany). Its elongated shape (german: lang) and original size (one acre = german: ein morgan) gave the location its name. The Langenmorgen is a limestone-shaped soil that is partly embedded in the Buntsandstein-shaped layer as a kind of fillet piece!


The Pinot Blanc (weissburgunder) grapes were harvested in several rounds. The individual parts were processed differently. One part was left on the mash, another part was pressed directly. The directly pressed portion was aged in stainless steel tanks, the rest in wooden barrels and concrete eggs fermentors. After the fermentation in the stainless steel tank was finished, the coarse yeast was separated and the wine was left on the fine yeast. The wooden barrel and concrete egg fermentor sections lay on the whole yeast until they were filled. The blend took place in July 2021. Due to the different types of aging, the LANGENMORGEN Weisser Burgunder is a very complex wine with a light, cool nose and, thanks to the wood, slightly nutty with a fine citrus note. In the mouth the wine is still very closed, with slightly smoky notes and fine wood. It is dense, with a lot of power, but still looks elegant and fresh due to the acidity. Fruity on the finish, still a bit yeasty with yellow fruit and delicate phenolics.


The soil in the LANGENMORGEN, a mixture of lime, loam, marly clay and occasionally also limestone rubble, produces full-bodied wines that are very storable. Particularly suitable for Pinot grapes such as Pinot Blanc!