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2017 Koenigsbacher Oelberg -Hart- Grosses Gewaechs (GG) Speatburgunder

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Oelberg - Hard - Pinot Noir GG (Grand Cru)

The location Ölberg and in it the protected original plot "HART" are on the northern edge of the Königsbacher district, on the border to Ruppertsberg.

The Ölberg site is characterized by a characteristically high proportion of Buntsandstein in the soil. The "HART" also contains inclusions of shell limestone weathering. Ideal conditions for Pinot Noir. The location is east-southeast oriented and is just below the forest. This means that it is cooler at night, which underlines the fine fruitiness and light acidity of the Pinot Noir.


The grapes for this grand cru were picked by hand early in the morning to bring them to the cellar as cool as possible. There they were de-stemmed and filled into small fermentation tanks. Due to the cool temperature of the mash, a pre-maceration took place before fermentation. The fermentation took place with the grape's own yeasts. During fermentation, the mash was beaten by hand twice a day. After the end of fermentation, there was a post-maceration period of several days before pressing. The wine was then transferred to French oak barriques, where it matured until bottling in August 2020.


The floors consist of tertiary lime marl, the so-called terra fusca. In the topsoil, this is mixed with red sandstone boulders. The clay content in the soil ensures a good supply of water to the plants. History: The ÖLBERG-HART site was already classified as the best part of the Ölberg top site in the Royal Bavarian soil evaluation of 1828.